Candiginger Ginger Beer

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Our Ginger Beer

Contains 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives. No additives.
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Health Benefits

reduces inflammation

Contains a vast amount of antioxidant compounds which can be used to treat inflammatory conditions.

relieves Nausea and upset stomach

Effective and inexpensive treatment for nausea and vomiting.

Builds immunity

Antioxidant properties can help strengthen the immune system.

helps with osteoarthritis

Can help reduce the production of inflammatory prostaglandins, hormones that cause pain in people with arthritis.

good for digestion and gut health

Encourages efficient digestion so food doesn’t linger in the gut.

Customer Testimonials

“Good morning, I want to tell you that the ginger beer helped Curt. I think he had a stomach virus because he was nauseated for three days until he drank the ginger beer now it's all cleared up. He said 'thanks sis, that's some good stuff.'”
Satisfied Customer
“After trying Candiginger Ginger Beer for the first time, I noticed how it improved my digestion. I also really like the way it tastes. My mother likes it too and can't wait to place an order.”
Kianga H.
“I've been using Candiginger Ginger Beer for several months now, it has really helped with my immune system and digestion. I have a shot every morning and somethimes I just add it to my smoothies.”
Winfred Alon Mitchell


Dua (hello) I’m Candace, owner and operator of Candiginger ginger beer and health & wellness coach of Health B4 wealth wellness.

I have conducted wellness workshops for the past 5 years and throughout this journey I felt like something was missing. During my last raw detox journey I opened myself up and tapped into my higher self and asked the universe for a healthy product to market. Through this process “Candiginger ginger beer” was created.  Although it’s in its infancy stages, I’m proud and excited for what the universe has in store for me. 

This product is delicious with 5 natural ingredients: fresh ginger, lime, agave, cloves and natural spring water. Ginger has many health benefits. It reduces inflammation, helps with digestion, nausea, and bloating. The flavor is explosive in your mouth and light on the palate. 

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